Feedback from Autism Awareness Week

We've had the following feedback about Autism Awareness Week:

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work in Autism Awareness Week. I had a very late diagnosis, like a lot of people my age, so I'm still learning about it. As your Serendipity Officer said to me, people your age know they're struggling, but don't really understand why. I've realised my knowledge of autism is extremely patchy and pretty basic. So, I found all the information you disseminated, during the week, very interesting and it's already improved my understanding quite a bit. I especially liked the PDF download. I learnt a lot from that, in particular being informed about the sense of Interoception and Bottom Up thinking. I certainly experience problems with the former and can easily recognise the latter in me. In fact, issues regarding Interoception are a major part of my problem, I think. It's why I don't properly regulate my activity, or manage my feelings very well. Anyway, thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Feedback from our e-learning course

We've had the following feedback about our E-learning:

I just wanted to let you know that I found this training very informative and feel that it was presented in a highly engaging and accessible way. I really admire the courage of the people who were in the videos and hope that their stories and experiences will inspire and help others.

Teacher at a Primary School in Southampton

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your E-Learning course Autism: Developing Understanding and Implementing Practical Approaches,

A SENCO in Hampshire

I have found this course very useful and interesting and would definitely help me understand the children I work with better


Basically not so alone now.


Parent support session - behaviour

Thanks very much for the session today, it was really interesting and useful. My feedback is very positive as always - useful, thoughtfully produced information, excellently delivered by you, with examples. From my experience video meetings can be hard to gauge - especially when chairing a group where most are muted - but you did a fantastic job and I will be sad the course is over!


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