Autism Alert Programme

Our Autism Alert programme supports autistic people, should they find themselves in any type of contact with the police or other emergency services. The wallet card is provided free for any Hampshire resident who is autistic.

​Autism Alert Card

This yellow card should be carried at all times and shown to the police or emergency services in the case of an incident, enabling them to offer appropriate support and contact a named person listed on the back of the card.

To apply for an Autism Alert Card please phone 02380 766162 or email

If you don't live in Hampshire you can find out what Autism Alert Card schemes operate in your area by visiting the National Police Association website.

Autism Alert App

The Spectra5 Autism Assistant App is provided in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary. The assistive app is a place to share information about yourself on a mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet so that people can understand a bit about you if you find yourself in a difficult situation or need some help and support.

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Autism Alert - Car Badge

The yellow Autism Alert car badge is to be placed with information facing inwards, blank side outwards, in the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen. It is designed to fit in a windscreen permit holder. In the event of an incident, emergency services would be able to identify the person on board who is autistic.

In addition these can be placed strategically in your home so that if emergency services attend you at home, they are aware that someone in the house is autistic.

For more information and how to apply, please contact the Information, Advice and Guidance team via 02380 766162 or email



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