Spectra5 Autism Assistant App

Spectra5 Autism Assistant App

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Autism Hampshire’s Autism Alert App is called the Spectra5 Autism Assistant App. 

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Who is Spectra5 for?

The Spectra5 Autism Assistant App free of charge for Autistic adults (18+) who live in Hampshire, including Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, and is provided by Autism Hampshire and its technical partners Mpro5.

Why use Spectra5?

The app is designed to help you when you need support from the police or emergency services. It can help you feel safer in situations that you find challenging and enable you to communicate more effectively.

Spectra5 provides you with:

  • An app which you can download onto your smartphone or tablet (android or iOS)
  • The ability to edit all your information on your smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to email selected information from your app
  • Access to a personal web page to making it easier to change and update your own information

More information about the Spectra5 app

Crisis Plan and Contacts – includes a quick profile, emergency contact details and space to include information which might be particularly useful to the police or emergency services.

Autism Alert Card – an electronic version of the Autism Alert card.

My Autism – a form where you can include detailed information about different adjustments that help you.

My Strategies – a form where you can list your personal strategies for coping in situations you find challenging, to use as a reminder when you are in a challenging situation.

My Tasks – a useful organisation tool where you can set yourself tasks. Confirmation that you have completed a task or an alert to indicate that you haven’t can be helpful for day-to-day activities.

Useful Links – a section which provides weblinks to autism and emergency organisations, including details of services that Autism Hampshire can offer, other local and national autism local directories that may be useful, how to report a crime and much more.

Spectra5 can also be helpful in your daily life including work, education and leisure. For a few ideas of how and when your app might be useful you can watch our short animation, which was created for us by James Arrow, a talented autistic animator.

The current build of mpro is compatible with all iOS and Android devices assuming they meet the following version number:


  • 10 or greater required
  • 11 or greater recommended


  • 4.4 or greater required
  • 5 or greater recommended

On most phones look in settings to find which version your device is.

Please use Spectra5 App Form to apply for your Spectra5 app (click here).

If you need a paper form or to request assistance please email information.advice@autismhampshire.org.uk.

Please note that to be eligible for a Spectra5 app, you will need to provide evidence of a diagnosis. You will be directed how to provide this through the application form. If you already have one of our yellow Autism Alert Cards or the existing version of the app, you will not need to provide this evidence again. If you consider yourself to be autistic but do not have a diagnosis, please contact us to discuss whether we can allocate an app for you.

Within 10 working days you will receive an email which provides you with details about how to download your app and access your web page.

Your privacy is of great importance to Autism Hampshire and we take data protection very seriously.It is a requirement of our app provision that you:

  • Password protect your smart phone or tablet with a strong passcode, to protect all the personal information on your phone.
  • Use a strong password to protect your website access
  • Read Autism Hampshire’s Privacy Statement, which include a Spectra5 Autism Assistant App Privacy Policy.


For those who would like to input details on a computer, you can have access to a web page.

The app pages can be edited on your web page by following this link and the instructions below:


To log in:

1) click on the 'login' button on the top right

2) enter your username and password as for the app

3) this will take you to your home page.

Please note, changing your password on the app will not change the password on the website. This must be done separately.

You can edit your app pages and your tasks via the website.

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