Art House  Gallery Cafe Group, Southampton City Centre

178 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DW

Autism Hampshire and the Art House Gallery and Cafe are delighted to invite you to join them at the start of a new Serendipity Social Group.

Art House Gallery Café, 178 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DW

Wednesdays 3-5pm, once a month

Dates: 5th Feb, 4th March, 1st April

As with all our groups, we set the first few dates to see if there is an interest in the group.

Ziggy the volunteer for the group (photo below) and Kath the group co-ordinator will be there to welcome you.

The group will meet at a table upstairs in the cafe. There is no charge to attend, however you will be able to buy food and drinks from the café.

Unfortunately the upstairs area is not fully accessible as the cafe does not have a lift. If you have mobility issues and would like to attend please do let us know, as it is very possible for us to re--arrange and meet downstairs - this would be no trouble at all.

There is also a ‘Crafty Café’ activity group which operate in the café at this time. If you would like to have a go at the craft they are doing, this will be free for you to try on the dates above. The first craft activity is card making. Please note there is no obligation to do a craft.

It would be very helpful to know if you plan to attend. Do let me know if you need any further support to get started or information. Tel: 07823 344302

Use this link for more information about the Art House.

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