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Autism related training courses have been delivered externally to many people and organisations over the last ten years with great success. Autism Hampshire trainers collaborate with Experts by Experience on the design and content of autism specific training and personal perspectives are an integral part of all the courses.


Autism Hampshire, in partnership with CAMHS, have been delivering an autism specific training cycle, encompassing 6 topic specific sessions, to parents and carers whose children are either on the pathway to diagnosis or have been recently diagnosed as autistic. These training sessions have been hugely popular and often oversubscribed.

‘Putting my daughter’s behaviours into context of her autism and having practical ideas and solutions to help has been invaluable’

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New e-learning course.

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Free Autism Support and Information Programme for Parents

Venues include Aldershort, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Havant, New Forest and Winchester

We would like to invite you to a free programme of five sessions offering learning, support and advice on various aspects of being autistic during your child’s assessment or following their diagnosis.

Each session will cover a different area with the aim of increasing understanding of your child’s perception of the world, and how this may show itself in how they behave.

It is beneficial to start at the beginning and work through the first four sessions as they are designed to create a context for the final session which focuses on behaviour. If, however, you are unable to attend on any of the dates given overleaf, you have the option of catching up next time around as this is a rolling programme.

What will happen at the group?

Each group is three hours long and will include a presentation on the given topic. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and join group discussion during a question and answer session following the presentation.

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2020 Locations, Dates and Times

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Autism Hampshire will be holding 6 free Autism Support and Information workshops for families of autistic children and young autistic people, across Southampton.

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For more information and to book a place please contact the Autism Hampshire Information and Advice team.

Workshop Details

The aim of the sessions is to provide insight, advice and support prior, during or following a child's assessment and diagnosis. Each session will explore a different

aspect of your child’s unique way of experiencing the world, and suggest practical ways in which their

differences can be accommodated and supported. The focus will be on nurturing the autistic child and their characteristics rather than teaching them to ‘mask’ or ‘pass for normal’.

What will happen at the group?

Each workshop is 3 hours long. The first part consists of a presentation after which there will be an opportunity for questions. The workshops are open to family

members and others closely associated with the care

and support of the child.

The course is not open to professionals unless they are attending in their capacity as parent or carer.

It is Autism Hampshire's policy to ensure all its staff are trained to the very highest standards. To facilitate this we have a robust annual training calendar of in-house specialist training covering the care and education of adults with autism.

All support staff from day one of Corporate Induction are working towards becoming an Autism Practitioner by following the Autism Practitioner Pathway

Autism Hampshire trainers, in partnership with Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Autism Voice, delivers the Autism Ambassador scheme for Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight and it was launched in May 2015 in line with the Department of Health recommendations in the ‘Think Autism’ strategy.

An Autism Ambassador can:

  • provide the opportunity to make a difference to a person living with autism and their families.
  • act as an agent for change through being a positive voice for autistic people
  • raise awareness of autism through work processes and practices
  • influence reasonable adjustments that can be made in the workplace
  • build knowledge and sharing of best practice through development networks.

‘Very thought provoking thank you. Will certainly support the work I am currently undertaking’.

‘Great delivery and incredibly informative! Very approachable and clearly passionate team’.

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