How do I access Specialist Mentoring support?

University of Portsmouth DSA funded students

Students may be awarded Specialist Mentoring support after a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) Needs Assessment has taken place and a DSA award has been confirmed by the student’s funding body e.g. Student Finance England.

When a DSA award of Specialist Mentoring has been confirmed, Autism Hampshire may have been selected as a provider of this support. In this instance, the student is welcome to contact the team directly to access their mentoring support by emailing:

Alternatively, the student may be referred by their Disability Officer, and a member of the Specialist Mentoring team will initiate contact via the student’s preferred contact method (if known), or via email.

If additional information regarding the DSA application process is required, then please access further guidance from the website below:

If further discussion of support needs and requirements, or disability related advice is required, then please access the Academic Skills and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC) through the University of Portsmouth website at:

University of Portsmouth non-DSA funded students

International students, or students who are ineligible for a Disabled Students’ Allowance award can access further advice regarding their support options from their Disability Officer through the ASDAC website (noted above).

Alternatively, a member of the Specialist Mentoring team will be happy to discuss other funding options, if a student would like to access the support independently.

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