Mira's Zip Wire Adventure

Mira's Zip Wire Adventure

Autism Hampshire's very own Mira Kleisner who works at Head Office in Whiteley, had an incredible experience in Nepal - she did the world's longest zip wire, an unbelievable 1,800 m long. Not only did she get up to speeds of 120 kph but she raised some much needed funds for Autism Hampshire at the same time. Here is her account of what happened...

On the day, there was about 10 of us doing the Zipflyer and we were given a ride to Sarangkot Hill (1,600m). When the minibus parked we still had to walk uphill to the Zipflyer station for about 10 minutes, a path of uneven stone steps. I started to regret my choice of foot wear (flip-flops). When I finally got the top and caught my breath I was able to enjoy the view of Annapurna range in the distance and, of course, the view down.

The organisers carried out a “safety test” or as I would describe it: two of them just taking the ride down on the zip line. We then awaited our turn to be called; there are two zip wires parallel to each other so they do it in rounds of twos.

When I was called, they had to tie my flip-flops with a string so they wouldn’t fly off during the ride! I was strapped in a harness and was given a helmet but after seeing the drop down I wasn’t sure how that would help. I had two ropes above my head; left rope for release in case I get stuck on the wire and right rope for breaking in case I go too fast and have to break myself – I was told that they will wave a flag at the bottom station if I have to break and that the chances are 50:50…no pressure then! I placed my feet against the metal door and they counted 3, 2, 1 and then the door was released, and I went down – fast! They say that the ride is 2 minutes long but in the moment it felt much faster. I had a brief moment of panic and screams followed when I suddenly turned sideways due to high winds but the views were breath-taking and I started the relax the closer I got to the bottom. At the end it was a smooth ride and, thankfully, I didn’t have to use the breaking rope!

You can still donate to her fundraising page at: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MiraKleisner/1?utm_source=messenger&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=fundraiser&utm_term=socialshare&utm_content=fundriasingpage

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