Here is an update from our Serendipity Development Officer

As Serendipity Development Officer, I have been reaching out to the Serendipity Groups and their volunteers to find out what everyone has been up to during lockdown. This period has bought out a great deal of creativity, friendship and generosity.

Groups have been organising video chats, planning drama activities, making music and generally supporting each other where possible online.

Our art exhibition during Autism Awareness Week was a huge success. Following this, we have put out a call for COVID related creative projects to be submitted for an online exhibition.

In addition to this, we have asked under 16’s to take part by offering the opportunity for them to have their creative responses to COVID displayed at our Serendipity Shop in Fareham.

Plans for Autism Hampshire to be involved in an Arts Festival are underway, and we hope that as we come out of lockdown, we can open up new opportunities for the groups and work towards some exciting new projects. It’s been great to have such enthusiastic group members and volunteers sharing their ideas with me. I really look forward to meeting everyone in person once its safe to do so.

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