Specta5 Autism Assistant App  Autism Alert Programme

Specta5 Autism Assistant App  Autism Alert Programme

Autism Hampshire announce the release of the Specta5 Autism Assistant App – an application to upload onto smart devices for people on the autism spectrum in which they can store vital and easily accessible information which would guide others to assist them in emergency or difficult situations.

The Spectra5 Autism Assistant App is an upgraded version of the Autism Alert App that was released by Autism Hampshire in 2008 and forms part of the Autism Alert Programme which the organisation launched in conjunction with Hampshire Constabulary. Alongside the autism alert card and car badge, people on the autism spectrum can request access to a personal website page so that they can upload their information direct which will then appear on the app on their chosen smart devices.

Autism Hampshire CEO-Debra Harrison-Sales says ‘I am delighted that the app is now ready for release. This will help save lives, reduce stressful situations and improve experiences for people on the autism spectrum. Overall it will enable people to feel more confident when accessing community facilities given that the app can be a back-up communication tool when the person does not feel able to do so. I would like to highlight our gratitude to our commissioners for funding the project and Crimson Tide for developing this’.

To find out more information about the Autism Alert Programme click here.

Click here to download a leaflet explaining the Assistive App

How to apply for Spectra5?

Please use this link to apply for your Spectra5 app.

For more information:

- Email: information.advice@autismhampshire.org.uk

- Autism Hampshire Information and Advice Service: 02380 766162

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