Toby's Virtual Quiz

Toby's Fundraising Story

Toby, pupil of Cams Hill school, created and hosted his very own virtual quiz over lockdown after becoming inspired by the ‘Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz’ series. Toby has loved learning new facts and even created his own detailed study of how Jay makes the quiz’s work.

We spoke with Toby’s mum and she expressed how pleased Toby was when he found out his house (Endeavour), at his school, supported an autism related charity. Toby, who is autistic himself, said he wanted to raise money to help "people like me".

According to mum, Toby spend hours creating the quiz on PowerPoint where he had 25 question over 5 rounds that included a picture, music, science and nature, connections, and general knowledge round. He managed the whole quiz himself, including controlling the Zoom call features and said his biggest challenge was reading out the music lyrics without signing the songs! Mum also shares that hosting this virtual quiz has given Toby’s confidence and concentration a real boost as Toby would normally find holding a quiz in person difficult, however, having been able to do this virtually meant he could communicate so much better.

The quiz had a fantastic turn out with 25 families who took part. All of Toby’s hard work and time spent on creating the quiz saw him raise a total of £410 from the support of friends and family. Toby and Family would like to thank everyone for their generosity and to Toby’s school for making such a big fuss of him for his fundraising efforts.

We, at Autism Hampshire, would like to send a massive thank you and well done to Toby and all his supporters. The money raised will go towards the development of our Spectra 5 app. Spectra5 is an autism assistant app that is designed to help individuals when they need support from the police or emergency services, helping them feel safer in situations that are challenging. Also facilitating effective communication. The latest developments include having more features to provide a more child friendly version of the app. We also hope to expand Spectra 5 to be offered nationally.

If Toby’s story has inspired you with setting up your own fundraiser, please find our useful fundraising pack HERE or contact for support.

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