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Supporting autistic people to access their health and well-being services

Autism Hampshire launched an innovative new project in July 2022 to help autistic adults get the best out of their healthcare services and community. Our aim is to support autistic adults with accessing health services and enabling them to attend community activities independently, addressing some of the difficulties that they may experience along the way.

Why is this support needed?

Getting to see a GP or other healthcare professionals can be an incredibly stressful experience for autistic people, as well as anybody who may support someone to access these services. Research published in 2021 shows autistic people experience multiple barriers in accessing support for their mental and physical health and are more likely to end up in hospital care or using emergency services. In addition, autistic people are less likely to be satisfied with the healthcare they receive.

Difficulties may include, making an appointment, fear of the unknown or unexpected when attending a healthcare site, staff not understanding the autistic person’s needs, and processing the information given by the healthcare professional.

These difficulties are identified by many people on the spectrum. One autistic person commented, “Just getting an appointment with my GP is fraught with difficulties that heighten my anxiety, and when I do see a doctor, I often feel too overwhelmed to explain my problems.”

What support can Autism Hampshire offer?

Working in tandem with GP practices the Autism & Health project aims to provide better support for Autistic adults through a number of practical measures.

Autistic people will be able to:

  • Watch virtual tours of the medical site online before they attend their appointment.
  • View or read online profiles of the staff and doctors.
  • Access easy-read information about medical procedures via Autism Hampshire website.
  • Request support from an Autism & Health volunteer.

The Autism & health project team will encourage medical sites to provide a quiet waiting room with minimal sensory distractions to lessen anxiety.

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Where is this support available?

Autism Hampshire has funding from Hampshire County Council’s Get Going Again fund to pilot the project in the following locations:

  • Stubbington Medical Practice (including those patients registered at Lockswood and Brook Lane)
  • The Willow Group (Gosport)
  • Homewell Medical Practice (Havant)

The aim of the project is ultimately to provide these services at as many Hampshire GP practices as possible and eventually be able to assist autistic people with their hospital and dental appointments. If your local medical centre is interested in working with the team, please get in touch using the information below.

Support from volunteers

An important aspect of this project will be the recruitment of Well-Being Volunteers who can support autistic people in these areas:

  • Medical. Booking appointments, form filling, advocacy.
  • Health and Fitness. Attending socially prescribed health and fitness activities until they feel able to attend independently.
  • Community Activities. Attend social or craft groups e.g., our serendipity community groups for autistic adults, until they feel able to attend independently.
  • Employment. Attending initial meetings with Disability Employment Advisors, form filling.

Get involved

  • If you are autistic and are registered with one of the above surgeries, we may be able to support you to access your healthcare.
  • We need volunteers who are willing to support autistic people as Well-Being Volunteers.
  • We want autistic and non-autistic people to join our Autism & Health Steering group to have their voices heard about accessing healthcare and community services.

To find out more please get in touch through the contact details below:

General Enquiries Tel: 01489 880881 and ask for Autism & Health


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